Health Services

At Georgetown, we don't just care about your academic wellness; we also care about your physical and mental wellness. Take a break from studying and get in a workout at the George W. Bush Center for Fitness. You can run, lift weights, play a pick-up game of basketball, or participate in intramural sports. Your GCard is required for entry.

Feeling under the weather? Schedule an appointment with Health Services. Our campus PA sees students by appointment Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 4 PM. Appointments with our PA are completely free and don't require health insurance. Students can schedule an appointment by calling (502) 863-8201. Family members cannot make appointments for students unless the student is under the age of 18.

Counseling and Health Center

Struggling to adjust and need someone to listen? We also offer free confidential counseling services at the Counseling and Health Center. Students can make an appointment to speak with one of our licensed counselors Monday-Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM. The Counseling Center also offers walk-in hours for students who are new to counseling. To schedule an appointment, call (502) 863-7074 or email

Treatment records for counseling and health services are protected by HIPAA and kept separate from education records. Family members cannot access these records.


Counseling and Health Center

Wellness Center (Hollyhock Lane)
(502) 863-8201 (to see a PA)
(502) 863-7074 (to see a counselor)

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